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using excessive rel="nofollow" can hurt your site?

Rak asked 2 years ago
Can using excessive rel=”nofollow” on your links hurt your website by not passing on that “link weight”?

I see some sites using no follow links through out their sites, making their site almost look like a dead end for google spiders.

To me, I take outbound links as another factor for google to “rank” your site. Using excessive rel=”nofollow” on links doesn’t look natural.

3 Answers
DioBach answered 2 years ago
With Google having got so many people jumpy when they went big on the nofollow, it seems to be no wonder that people are mis-using it and more to the point misunderstanding it. Number of times I see sites that have completely nofollowed every link on the site. Then they wonder why they’re not ranking. Like most things to do with SEO, use it wisely and it ‘may have some effect’ but you can never prove that it was just that which did it…

Hand2Mouth answered 2 years ago
Linking out is a good thing. You might want to use the “nofollow” tag on links that point to low quality sites, sites that contain perceived spammy content, or links containing your affiliate codes.

But linking out to high quality sites with authority that are related to your content is a good thing and perhaps should not be tagged with “nofollow”.

Rak answered 2 years ago
I’d really only link to links on my own site with a nofollow (admin, login,contact pages).

I have a friend who has a business directory, and he estimates he has over 2500+ links going out, his content is unique, unsure about incoming links, and he pushes serious traffic in the SERPs. Ranks quite well.