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US Presidential Candidates

Professor asked 1 year ago
Ok who are you leaning towards in the upcoming US Presidential Elections. Non US webmasters are welcome to vote or comment on their picks as well.
15 Answers
bud405n answered 1 year ago
@antoine 150601 wrote:

I guess if someone hates the environment and homesexuals then it makes sense to vote republican.

I thought Hilary ppl were against sterotyping. LOL

antoine answered 1 year ago
A good point for sure, I can see how my point came across the wrong way. But from looking at the news, it seems that the politicians seem to target that demographic.

nick777 answered 1 year ago
What if someone loves the environment but hates homosexuals, is there a voting option for that

What if someone hates sissy girly men, can they vote for Schwarzenegger anywhere, i don’t see it as an option

Maybe i would like Hillary to win, i’m envisioning a world where i’m ruled by blonde women, sounds exciting, although it wasn’t too exciting when Hillary was the Queen of Holland a few hundred years back, perhaps this time it will be different

So Antoine, using your example up there, if the Democrats win should i expect lots of sunshine and homo’s dancing in the street ?

I’d better get out my bong


AmCan answered 1 year ago
Well I’ve said a few nice things about Ron Paul, though i wouldn’t vote for him, but he sounded downright wacky last weekend in the debates.

You can take all the republicans and assume the same: More spending, more tax cuts, more wars. The tax cuts go to the rich, the bill goes to the poor and middle class. after 28 years of being a voting adult, it’s pretty clear, Vote republican to bankrupt the country, Vote democrats if you believe the country should operate near a balanced budget. Of course how they spend that money varies, republicans give the top 5-10% free money, the democrats give 50% of the people more benefits. The later seems better to me.

It’s been pretty clear for the 28 years, Republicans seek to bankrupt government by paying off the rich with big tax cuts and sticking the rest of the country with the bill. Look at the stats, since world war 2, Unemployment and inflation was higher under Reagan the Carter, Ford than Carter, Bush 1 vs Clinton, Bush2 vs Clinton. Economic growth was greater and the national debt run up was lower.

Besides crushing personal freedom, spending like a drunken sailor, and threatening to start wars just about everywhere, what are we getting from the republicans? But i’ve been saying the same thing for 25 years, been correct and many don’t care. Fortunately W has set the republicans back 10 years.

cat answered 1 year ago
Professor for President and we will not have any problems doing our business!