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How much time do you devote to you site?

rtb1980 asked 1 year ago

I seem to be spending alot of time these days infront of a computer, research and development…

I was just wondering what the average might be.

Do you slave away or do you maybe outsource some work?

urple”>How many hrs a week would you say you devote to your websites?[/SIZE]

9 Answers
webber286 answered 1 year ago
Way more than I ever expected when getting into this industry. It’s hard work to create and maintain a useful and converting gambling site. Real darn hard.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I spend 50+ hours a week on this business and I have other people. No choice up there for me, so I must be nuts. spineyes.gif

rtb1980 answered 1 year ago
Dominique wrote:
I spend 50+ hours a week on this business and I have other people. No choice up there for me, so I must be nuts. spineyes.gif

Sorry Dominique,

I left that one out for some reason? I think you would fall under the 20+ with other help catagory)

So is all the hard work paying off?? Mine isn’t yet but will be soon, I put in about 40hrs/week myself while also woking full time about 50hrs/week….

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Yes it pays off, but it takes time and work to get there.

We didn’t have a sandbox when I started, but we might as well have had one, because it has always taken time and effort to get someplace.

GamTrak answered 1 year ago
Between the portal, forum, newsletters and daily business I put in about 4 to 8 hours every day. It’s hard work and I don’t see how webmasters maintain more than one or two quality sites especially if you do it alone.

PokerTipPost answered 1 year ago
I am spending around 30 hours a week on my site.
around 10 hours of content creation, 10 hours of back end system development, 5 hours of research and 5 more hours at link exchange and affiliate signups.

What are other people doing with their time?

LadyHoldem answered 1 year ago
I spend 50+ and I’m surely not in the 6 figure group <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> hehe My sites are … I dunno about 6 months old.. I started seeing a profit in about month 2.. a teeeeency weeeeency tinnnny 3 figure profit .. but they have increased every month since, and I don’t see any of the time I spend reading typing learning and getting frustrated as wasted hehe

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
About 70 hours a week online – reading about sports, gambling and other stuff, but I’d do much of that as a hobby anyway ..

I think that 20 hours a week could be directly attributable to site work.

answered 1 year ago
The first 2 weeks that I was in the industry (last july 2005), I worked 112 hours for a 7 day week doing the actual site work and built a 500 page site. It was 16 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep each day. This may sound like nuts, but I was in a gold fever when I first started and was totally energized each day and when i went to sleep, i couldnt wait for the next day to start so I could work on casino stuff and build more pages again all day. I stopped doing that when I got my first depositing player and took a break, expecting that more people would deposit or at least visit my site. During my break, I read more stuff on CAP and I learned that google put me in the sandbox and I had to wait half a year to a year until I got out, so that killed my motivation and its like I turned into a big pig in a hamper. Now I spend all my time watching the forums on CAP, learning, playing casino games all the time with fake money since I have no real money lol! and going to school too (maybe that killed my motivation lol). I probably now spend less than an hour a week working on the websites, and every few weeks ill go on a small hot streak and put in 10 hours or so. Currently, I am sensing that my pig is peeking out of the hamper and my site is coming out of the sandbox, so this summer I will have more time to do stuff and may start doing huge amounts of hours into the site again, since i also sense my gold fever coming back with a small whale I got just days ago! Now Im wishing I wasnt so lazy all year, don’t let the google sandbox demotivate you.