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Banners that Produce

eForex asked 1 year ago
Hi Everyone,

Who’s tired of banners that look great but just don’t produce? We have a promotion that is running that is a proven successful promotion that is giving away FREE $25 online trading accounts accompanied with a DOUBLE BONUS.

With this, we have produced all the marketing banners to assist our affiliates to promote this promotion.

How it works:

1. Visitor clicks on your affilaite banner promoting the FREE $25 promotion.
2. Visitor is directed to our website. (visitor is tracked by your affiliate console)
3. Visitor signs up for the free account and recieves the $25 promo account.
4. Visitor upgrades account, takes winnings over to live account, and earns a DOUBLE BONUS (see terms on
5. You the affiliate EARN the Commission.

If interested or want more information drop me a line.