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Time-Sensitive Incentives

PatLine asked 9 months ago
Do time-sensitive incentives for existing users result in more benefit or harm?

In my particular case, I’m operating a freemium model where users pay $49/mo for the upgraded service. What I was considering doing is giving a special offer to any user who has been on the site for 3 or more days without upgrading- an offer like “Upgrade in the next 15 minutes and pay just $1 for your first month!” Once the offer is gone, it’s gone.

This may convert some users, but it may also turn off some users. If the user decides in a week that he wants to upgrade, he may pass since he now has to pay full price.

Any thoughts?

3 Answers
peaceful_soul answered 9 months ago
Your 15 minutes of deadline can send many users away forever as well because they would think the proposed things are not available because they did not pay. Actually, the value added services must be in paid modules and you need to establish it is worth of every dime someone pays. The models of supplies/features/Keeping it free for ever/and Earning through the sponsor ideas may work.

PatLine answered 9 months ago
I agree that I may lose some users forever. But surely there is a point at which it would become profitable. Maybe 15 minutes is too short?

Obviously the goal is to convert users who are slightly interested in the upgraded features but not enough to chance it on a pricey membership. I’m confident in what the site offers, and if I can get them in for $1 I think I can keep them.

The real answer is probably to test it. But I’d like to have a strong hypothesis before starting a test.

JillO answered 9 months ago
It all depends… Limited Time offers & special deals always work with consumers. Think of yourself for a moment… don’t you ever feel that “high” from getting a special deal?

All I suggest is keeping all info, details and communication up front so your visitors/players know what’s in store, and to do everything possible to retain your base. Funny business is never long term.