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what to add in design

truckin asked 2 years ago
give me some ideas on what i should put in the design for my new web site. its a casino review and info site.

big slot machine?
hot girls?
flashing lights?
add in somthing to do with the name of you site?
a happy jackpot winner?

what other things can be added?
whats the best to have in your experiences?

opcorn: :drunk2: :1circling

1 Answers
allseeing answered 2 years ago
From my perspective, hot girls could alienate women gamblers who make up a sizeable minority. From what I gather women gamblers are more affluent and loyal than their male counterparts so alienating them may not be the right way to go. Pictures of people may work better in the american market, they seem to be swayed more by that type of thing but again not sure if that works in gambling. other than that anything goes, but make it too flashy and you’ll give your readers a headache! just play around with different concepts and you’ll reach a balance.