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PPC Google – How to?

alexpratt asked 2 years ago
I know Income Access have an agency for this if you (affiliate) want to venture into PPC on Google but as I understand it anyone can do it as long as they meet certain criteria, etc etc BUT how and where can you apply to be approved? I can’t find this info anywhere? Is it not officially live yet?

A contact or link would be much appreicated

4 Answers
joselito answered 2 years ago
here you go mate, just fill out the form on this page.

good luck!

Jamie answered 2 years ago
It is live / official. Affiliates can apply through the link as given by Joselito.

Affiliates can apply through the IA agency and we also encourage gaming merchants to apply if they are interested.

alexpratt answered 2 years ago
Thanks Jamie – Out of interest what are the advantages going through you guys over going direct? Cheers

Jamie answered 2 years ago
there a slight difference depending on the package you choose.

Fully managed / start up through Income Access

We are help to assist with speed to market and provide assistance to navigate you through the white listing process.

Keyword Generation: List of long tailed keywords

Campaign building: Structure campaigns to maximise quality score and keyword performance analysis

Fully Managed

Ad writing

Monitoring and optimization: To achieve desired ROI

content optimization: closely match content of your landing pages with ad copy and keywords to maximise quality score and conversions.