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SSL Search on Google

1331 asked 2 years ago
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Accessing search query data for your sites

The results of encrypted search is that you can’t see what keywords your visitors typed in when found your page in Analytics.

There are some speculations that the keywords will be visible in the paid versions of Analytics.

How do you think this will affect affiliate SEO?

1 Answers
scottpolk answered 2 years ago
ok … been at this topic for 24+ hours

Currently it is only for logged in users and the keyword referral data will be encrypted for them. This should have less than 1-5% on the keyword data overall. Some industries much less – gaming I would image would be less based on the email lists I have seen betters use (they don’t use Google as much as Yahoo/Hotmail). For tech industries I believe that percentage will be much higher as most are Gmail users. also this affects ALL analytics/log files because logged in users will have the query encrypted …

This is a slippery slope IMO .. 18 month and it may all be encrypted. At this point you can still tell logged in traffic comes form Google Organic, but not the exact keywords that brought logged in traffic.

Does that help answer questions?