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AOL to Drop Google; MSN to Power AOL Search

Randy asked 2 years ago
This was announced recently. Wasn’t sure if anyone had posted about it here.

I think AOL makes up about 11% of Google’s overall search volume, so this is a significant deal for MSN.

5 Answers
bigbob1 answered 2 years ago
Ohh please be true , I have two sites that rock on MSN:bigsmile:

Engineer answered 2 years ago
Wow, this is an interesting development!

Randy answered 2 years ago

webber286 answered 2 years ago
Interesting for sure and part of Microsoft’s plan to retake the world I guess. MSN is much easier to rank on, but I hardly see any traffic from them, next to no traffic from AOL. But, considering they were using Google, the sandbox was probably in the way of any AOL traffic. Go Go MSN!

kdollar answered 2 years ago
it’s funny i get traffic from aol which uses google but not from google itself…I always figured that with other sites that use google’s search engine there wasn’t much of a sandbox