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SEO and Google

slotplayer asked 2 years ago
Although using “Click Here” as anchor text on a link provides a precise and short call to action it is not a good practice for optimizing a page/site.

According to Google Webmaster Tools…

“Anchor text gives Google additional information about your site, so if it’s not descriptive or useful (for example, the link in the text “Click here” provides no data to Google), you might want to update it.”

4 Answers
bradz21 answered 2 years ago
Yes that is correct. But you can still add the proper keywords and have a call to action as well in the in the anchor text. I personally like to use images for call to action.


answered 2 years ago
Or you can use the “title” tag. IE:

Click here[/HTML]

Marcelo answered 2 years ago
I have two suggestions:

1. Use the title tag : a href:”” title=”Casino Reviews”


2. Use wording like “For more reviews, click here: Casino Reviews

slotplayer answered 2 years ago
@Simmo! 169315 wrote:

Or you can use the “title” tag. IE:

Click here[/HTML]

yes I use the title tag all the time. Usually for a click to play etc.. message

but used it to hide the affid as well

onmouseover=”window.status=this.title;return true;” title=”Sloto’Cash Casino $577 Welcome Bonus” onmouseout=”window.status=default_text”

of course status bar messages no longer work in IE7 by default.