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Is it smart ot Looksmart?

Professor asked 1 year ago
Based on the loss of MSN will you continue advertising on Looksmart network?
2 Answers
antoine answered 1 year ago
I have cancelled all of my looksmart listings today. I looked at my stats today and was seeing traffic from crappy partners such as

I did a search on searchingbooth, looked at the result and the description matches that of looksmart. There are multiple crappy partners that I am seeing traffic from.

I used to spend 1500 – 2000 a month with looksmart, I guess they lost it. Seriously people, if you trade stocks and have margin enabled, wait until thier next earnings report (it should be positive) the stock will go up a little, and then short them.


Professor answered 1 year ago
Yeah, me too. I was spending upwards of $5K with them so its going to be difficult finding suitable replacement traffic.