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Sale of email databases prohibited at CAP

Professor asked 1 year ago
Guys while it has always been our operational policy to not allow the sale of email or casino databases at CAP we havent publicly outlined or posted our stance on this. I felt it was prudent to post our official policy moving foward.

1. CAP does NOT recommend, support, endorse or condone SPAM or email marketing efforts to persons who have not specifically opted in to receive those emails.

2. CAP does not allow databases or email lists to be offered for sale at our community. PERIOD. If you post an item like this for sale the post will be removed from public display and the poster will be banned from CAP. We have a 0 tolerance policy on this moving forward.

3.We do support repsonsible email marketing to a newsletter or email list where the recipient has opted in to receive those emails from that publisher. But we do not allow those lists or newsletters to be sold or exchanged here at CAP.

In the past there HAVE been several posts by persons who sought to sell databases. When we see those types of threads they will be archived. We have NEVER supported the sales of databases, but the fact is we are a very active community and not every post is caught. Occasionally something we do not like has made it through our moderation net and I cant apologize enough for this. We will certainly be watching carefully to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

If you have any questions on this policy you are welcome to PM me.