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Page Rank Update

fonzi asked 1 year ago
In case you didn’t know, Google rank a Page Rank update yesterday. Seems like they also ran a backlink update.

Hope all you sites went up in PR. Sadly that doesn’t translate into traffic.

7 Answers
GamblingShares answered 1 year ago
all mine stayed the same or increased <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Sheadey answered 1 year ago
Thanks for keeping the CAP community updated, fonzi! Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s feedback on this update.

boljoro answered 1 year ago
Some of my websites went from PR0 to PR1-2.

But my main website (Goedgekeurde Goksites) that I do the most linkbuilding for and that has the best ranking in Google stayed at PR0. Also the number of links in webmastertools went from 166 to 4?? Does anyone know how that is possible?
One of the pages on the website has PR1 (Goedgekeurde Casino’s) but all the direct links to this page are also gone from webmastertools.
Does anyone know how this is possible?

muffincrumbs answered 1 year ago
I would expect to see an inverse reaction for homepages and a positive (expected) reaction to inner pages with increasing PR for this update. Weeding out the real pages from the link building homepages is what it’s all about. I would expect to see this:

1. If your homepage PR went up, you will lose some search ranking or stay the same

2. If inner-pages went up you will gain some search ranking

3. If your PR stayed the same you will … stay the same lol

Anyone see differently?

Caseym answered 1 year ago
The ‘backlink update’ is a just a bug in GA apparently

mrdeposit answered 1 year ago
Mine went from PR0 to PR2 or 3 <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Karla answered 1 year ago
M lookimg for pr3+
Da 30+ casino sites, if you have send me

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