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Rec. Links added in non Friendly SE pages

villa10 asked 1 year ago
After a while I decided to check the reciprocal links in some of my sites.

Besides the standard rogues removing my links, my search was oriented this time in two main directions:

1) My links placed in URL’s created in a deliverated NON Search Engine friendly manner. No doubt about this trick. SE will never find the page and a one way link is given.

2) My links placed in sites with high PR with all the URL’s buildt in a friendly manner.
The odd thing is that in this kind of sites no one page of the directory is indexed in Google or others.
I can not find non index robots, but some of them are using this code or similars.

Is in the above code something to make the page non friendly/non indexable?

Maybe some of you may ilustrate me about this topic.

7 Answers
webber286 answered 1 year ago
That code is for Google Analytics, which used to be Urchin. There is nothing to worry about with that code, it is just relaying weblog stats to Google. The main thing you want to look for, if you have the time, is meta code using the “nofollow” attribute. That tells search engines not to follow the link on a page, and essentially cancels the vote being cast by a site for that link. I’m not all that familiar with the tag, but I’m guessing you can use it in individual hrefs as well. Would be a good tag however if you wanted to point out a rogue casino or something, but didn’t want them to get credit for a link.

villa10 answered 1 year ago
The site in which my link was added is a PR 7 in the index.
The pages of the directory are quite old, so there is not reason for the non index.

This webmaster is tricking hundreds of partners.

I will take the time to read the whole code, since I want to post the complain in the industry forum.

Gixxer answered 1 year ago
Just listen to Webber, he knows what hes talking about.

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
THere is no trick. The page code looks fine.

You said that you are 1 of 100’s of links?
Why do you expect Google to catalog it?

villa10 answered 1 year ago
TheGooner wrote:
THere is no trick. The page code looks fine.

You said that you are 1 of 100’s of links?
Why do you expect Google to catalog it?


The website is a PR 7 and maybe they are 300/400 partners in the whole directory.
Something like 30 links per page.
All in perfect order to be indexed. For some reason no one page is in the results.
And there are old pages.
There is something in the html to avoid the spider and I’m not talking of non index robots.

webber286 answered 1 year ago
If you are receiving a bad link, why waste the time worrying about it? Just remove the reciprocal link and move on.

villa10 answered 1 year ago
No way to deal with a rogue.

Anyway it was a good lesson.
In the future one of the firt tasks will be to check if the partner page is fully indexed.
I detected at least 9 cases like the above.
And all from “well established sites”.

I don’t know wich technique there are using.
Is something more sophisticated than robots.