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Buddy asked 3 years ago
For those that don’t know, PRWeb no longer accepts gambling press releases. (Something to do with it being based in Washington)

Is there an alternative to PRWeb? I’m NOT looking for free release services (more hassle than they are worth). Rather I’m looking for a PRWeb equivalent quality press site that accepts gambling related press releases.

Can anyone help?

Who does CAP submit their press releases to?

Who do the online casinos and event organisers submit their press releases to?


1 Answers
Nathan answered 3 years ago
I’ve found 24-7 Press Releases ( to be pretty effective, and I’ve also heard good things about PR Newswire (

CAP previously used PR Web and Send2Press a lot, but both those sites now forbid any content related to online gambling. (So does PR LEAP, but I’ve never had a very high opinion of them anyway.)

There’s also MarketWire and BusinessWire … if you have $1,000+ to spend on each press release! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />