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Proper SEO (what should I be expecting by now)

ryrock asked 1 year ago
My site has been live for just over six months. I have quite a few links coming in (about 5500), over 200 pages of 100% original content and still only getting about 5 or six visits from the search engines per day. I want to know if you all would look over my site closely and maybe give me some pointers on what I may be doing wrong. I know it is a lot to ask, but if someone would be willing to spend a little time looking it over and giving me some advice, I’d be happy to pay. I have a little money left in this project. Any and all advice and comments are extremely appreciated.


7 Answers
elgoog answered 1 year ago
using copyscape i found two sites wich have a lot content same as your site
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LandofOz answered 1 year ago
ryrock, new sites take about 9-11 months before google releases them from the “Sand Box”

Until then, keep on doing what you are doing and in 3-5 months from now, you should start receiving more traffic from google.

DioBach answered 1 year ago
Just looking at some of the backlinks too, they look very spammy. Lots of dropped domains with random posts on multiple subjects. It’ll hold you back.

ryrock answered 1 year ago
Thanks for you comments. elgoog, I see what you mean. It looks like an indexing site. I have emailed them to take off my information. We’ll see what happens. What other steps do I need to take about duplicate content?

elgoog answered 1 year ago
its difficult in some cases….
block their ip?
change your own content?

but not sure if this causes your problems..

good luck

villa10 answered 1 year ago
A little outdated with respect to keywords density, but still remains the best strategy.


gaylem answered 1 year ago
Well, content is my business, so I gotta ask “Is that all there is?” I notice only 6 strategy articles. You should add some expert content to your site.
No, I am not selling my services–too busy right now.
There are some excellent content providers here in the forums.
Couple of other suggestions:
1) Internal linking is important also. Most of my pages at gamblingteachers have 2 links to other pages at the site. There is a total of 2000+ internal links at the site.
2) Sign up for Google Webmaster tools. Once verified, you will find out how many of your pages has been indexed by G, total external and internal links and much more.
3) Write a separate article and submit to article directories to promote your site.
Good Luck with your site.
P.S. I agree 6 months is a short span to expect results. Alternatively, I got a PR2 after only 3 months, but that was because I put up over 150 pages of content.