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Google Hummingbird algo… have you felt anything?

Michaela15 asked 3 years ago
Google’s new search algo, Hummingbird, is poised to make web searches faster and more efficient and is the biggest update to Google’s core search formula since Caffeine.

At its core, Hummingbird is designed to answer complicated queries such as, “Which online casino offers the biggest deposit bonuses?”

While Hummingbird has lots of improvements and changes, Panda and Penguins updates will still be part of the core algorithm. Over at, Danny Sullivan likens the change to switching out engines in a car. Hummingbird is a sleek, state-of-the-art, fuel-injected engine that’s replacing an old, but sturdy, v-8.

Have any of you felt anything from Hummingbird?

6 Answers
Miky77 answered 3 years ago
I honestly believe that with the delay in the update of PR Google is preparing a New Year gift for all of us…..

allfreechips answered 3 years ago
They still update PR? anyway I haven’t seen much of an impact from this one.

Korto Maltese answered 3 years ago
Regarding PR allfreechips, it seems that Google may not update PR any more in the long run (see this article).
For Hummingbird, on our side at we have been affected neither positively nor negatively so far. I am not sure Hummingbird is meant to answer complicated queries has you state Michaela15 but put queries into a context. At the moment, if you are looking closest shopping center from home, you will have results matching “shopping center” and if some got the keywords “home” they will also be shown. With Hummingbird, My Home, will be your actual address, and Humming bird will eventually be able to give the correct answers (see here)

Caseym answered 3 years ago
They recently updated PR – I think it was around 2 weeks ago

Gluecks answered 3 years ago
We dropped one important significant ranking.

Then we went for at clean up of link profile – removd what was reffered to as bad links in Google guidelines, and we lost rankings further :-(