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PR updates today?

FreePokerLeague asked 2 years ago
PR updated on 2 of my sites today, is this a system wide update or do they update site by site? I think it’s system wide.
Did your PR update today?
14 Answers
cat answered 2 years ago has a PR2 at the moment.

answered 2 years ago
Yeah, that PR2 for MSN sucks. MSN is one of the biggest sites out there was was at PR9, I think that is pretty shady of google if google can purposly alter their competitor’s page rank like that, it is not right. It’s almost too obvious that google did something like that on purpose to it’s biggest competitor right before MSN starts up their own PPC business and that is unfair. Even so, MSN is probably one of the most popular homepage on browsers and everyone knows what MSN is anyways.

Does anyone know if google can do these types of things to any website they want, or specifically block out specific sites? Or if google just had some problems indexing and didnt quite get through the site or came up with an error and just didn’t finish it’s job?

Also, is there a way to get out of the sandbox before the 6-8 months are up for a new website? Like say paying google to lift the sandbox, or call them up?

Randy answered 2 years ago
The PR 2 on MSN thing is a canonical URL problem from what I understand, not a deliberate attempt by Google to do anything to a competitor.

I don’t think that contacting Google and asking to be removed from the sandbox would be a good idea. You probably don’t have enough money to bribe anyone working there, especially considering how well their stock is doing. Your time would probably be better spent adding good quality content and getting high quality backlinks.

Here are a few PR 10 sites:

webber286 answered 2 years ago
Here’s another PR10