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Forum phpBB question

bart3k asked 1 year ago
Hey everyone,

Have a couple of questions about my forums. I finally figured out which pages to exclude from my sitemap.xml file from google. So now I have my main pages all listed (good thing).

The bad thing is that google isn’t listing my forum pages at all. they have this url


I changed it from the sid endings to the one above but it looks like google still knows it is a session id?

hmmm… anyone got any feedback?

Anyone know how I can make my forums have the title name in them, like they do here?
for example bb/major-problem-with-mg-software-update.8766.html?

Thanks for any help


3 Answers
bart3k answered 1 year ago
bump… anyone?

IntroToPoker answered 1 year ago
take a look at a few good tips here

as for renaming the pages when viewing posts, I have not seen anything I like yet.

bart3k answered 1 year ago
When i mean renaming the title i mean the url. As is done on here.

Someone has got to know….