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PR has arrived!

TOG asked 3 years ago
Well, it was a long wait ( 3 months to be exact ) BUT , finally most of our Pages got PR3 and about 25% got PR4, as you guys can imagine, I’m very happy about this. Hope the Google update did good stuff for you’ll too.

Anyone got a clue why pages like:
and xx
got PR4, and others 3? There are nor directs links to them besides the on site links.

:drunk2: :chearlead :happydanc

23 Answers
webber286 answered 3 years ago
I’m noticing the rollback to before the last update and the current PR readings across the multiple datacenters. No new PR is showing. Yes, Google has been working in strange ways the past few months, they have rolled back to old results several times for days at a time.

DealerDan, not to burst your bubble, but you can achieve a PR3 with a few days worth of link exchanges. PR3 is very easy to reach. PR4 takes some good effort. PR5 takes a ton of dedicated effort. PR6 is very very hard to achieve, and is nearly impossible though simple link exchanges only. PR is a logrithmic calculation and it takes an increasingly more difficult amount of work to achieve each level. The good news is that a PR5 should be all you need to compete fairly well.

webber286 answered 3 years ago
I don’t think Google is anywhere near done with pushing out this quarter’s PR yet. The only PR that has changed is to our home page. New pages still have PR0, and sub-pages haven’t budged, even though we have many new links pointing to them.

kwblue answered 3 years ago
I am not getting Sh*t on any of my sites. All I see across the datacenters is the same old PR that I had previously plus a few datacenters showing 0 PR.

My newer sites just show 0 PR all the way down.

Don’t know if that means they just haven’t gotten to my sites or if I will probably be the same PR as before or what. All I know is…. I am in no hurry for the PR update if I see nothing <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
I do not beleive Google’s PR is quite finished yet my PR keeps on changing from 3-5. I would give it a little more time before drawing any conclusions. greek39

webber286 answered 3 years ago
Kinda fun to watch though. If nothing else the anticipation that builds up before each PR update keeps things interesting. Sure would be nice if Google had real-time PR info. rather than this quarterly stuff.

TOG answered 3 years ago
again, back to older results. Its really a bit nerve recking this whole thing :hehe:

webber286 answered 3 years ago
No prob. TOG, glad to offer my knowledge.

We were at PR5 for most of the day, but the Data Centers still haven’t settled. In looking at the Future PR Tool, we are showing PR5 on a third of the DCs, PR4 on a third of the DCs and PR3 on the other third. So, looks like we should definitely come in at PR5, but may still be some going back-and-forth. Also, past PR updates had a day or so of no PR showing, so that may be a sign of it about to stabalize if it happens.

Here’s the link to a Future PR Tool for those interested. It checks across several of Google’s Datacenters.

bart3k answered 3 years ago

I got my PR as well today. My gosh it has been a long wait. Now I can trade links properly… back on the roll I go! nice!


TOG answered 3 years ago
I would also like to thank you Webber286 got your informative and accurate answers. Your help is appreciated!

TOG answered 3 years ago
been a hectic two days but finally got the PR. we got PR3 fro 80% of the site and PR4 for the rest
Anyone have an idea why index got 3 while all “rules” pages and many game pages (such as xx got 4?