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Full Ready Made Content In Archive.ORG Can I use it?

casino1784 asked 1 year ago
Hi friends!

Today, when checking my SERP results, I found a gambling domain (expires in April 2009) where on ALL pages, including subpages and indexpage it sais only a “Domain for sale”. I applied to buy this domain.

Then I checked the and found a FULL ready made website, dealing exactly with my niche. There were lots and lots of articles, all worth lots of money.

Question: Can I use this content as UNIQUE CONTENT? E.G. for submitting to Ezinearticles. The content is full unique(!) EXCEPT for the entries in !!!

What do you think? Did I found a nice Christmas present here? :highflyer Or is the content non-unique if I can find it at

I copied all content to a word document to use it myself, but thebest would be to buy this domain and revive this domain.
I really hope they give me this domain. It still has 600 backlinks and PR1 and traffic…

Thanks Matt

Edit: Website is “offline” since Mai 2007, so it’s over 1,5 years offline

5 Answers
FictionNet answered 1 year ago
Legally, I think you’ll be on shaky ground. The content will still be copyright owned by someone.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that loads of affiliates have multiple sites and so the owner may have already re-used the content on another site – or he/she may be planning to do so in the future. If that’s the case, then it’s a real headache you’ll be facing in the future.

casino1784 answered 1 year ago
Yes, of cause it is copywrited by someone. On the other site the site is 1,5 years OFFLINE now AND I have checked: The content is unique. He has not used it on other sites or for article directories…

I have made a bying offer, so maybe I get in contact to the owner.

Anyway if I do not use the content and nobody uses it, it is all gone away for nothing. I have counted: It is 20.000 words of very good content.

Anyone who is experienced what is with the UNIQUENESS of the content? So just if I would use it, is it REALLY unique ???

Thanks Matt

elgoog answered 1 year ago
o think it’s inique, if tou can’t find it normally indexed

Inspiration answered 1 year ago
I should be very cautious about that you do not know where this info is transferred to.

the site maybe offline for a long time because the domain is no good or flagged by the SE’s and content is put on another. Maybe the owner has not had the time yet to do the changes.

I would add your email address on each page of the site you will use for your purpose, so if the owner sees his text being copied he can contact you asap.


casinotime answered 1 year ago
Inspiration has a good point.

Also, add an image with email on it to avoid spam <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I am sure you checked sentences in google to see if articles come up anywhere… If not and its been over a year chances are the project has been abandoned. but put email just incase.