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What I have to do ?

Nilesh Patidar asked 1 year ago
Dear Members !

As I am the owner of the company and I want to promote my company and I think that
PPC is the best one to start.

But I am not getting confirmed that what is the best one, either to start own PPC or to provide the contract to any person to get clicks.

Will anybody help me please ?

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3 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
I am not entirely sure what you are asking.

You want to start your own PPC and sell clicks to the public? Or?

chaosicq answered 1 year ago
Open a google adwords account and do it your self, why pay someone else as well as it is very simple to do just follow the instructions.

zaraza answered 1 year ago
Agree with chaosicq, the things you do by yourself are always better!