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Paid Inclusions ?

arkyt asked 1 year ago
Ive been at this about 2 years now, and have never paid for any search engine submissions. I am curious does MSN, hotbot, excite or other INKTOMI served engines provide you with any decent traffic?

Also I noticed that at least 1 of my sites is listed on these engines … would paying for inclusion give me higher rankings? Furthermore, does getting listed in these engines impact rankings at other engines?

What do you think about INKTOMI, and other pay for inclusion search engines? Have they produced any decent results for you, or was it a waste of money?

Thanks ~Brian

9 Answers
arkyt answered 1 year ago
OK – Inktomi or Teoma



Which will produce the most traffic if any at all?

Dominique answered 1 year ago
I have paid inclusions everywhere.

The one that sticks out as helpful is inktomi – because of MSN.

Teoma is also helpful but less noticeable – visitors are spread among the smaller engines.

I also have paid Yahoo inclusion and visitors from there trickle. I need to have them improve my listing.

A quick and easy way to get the inclusions is at

I have been using that for submissions and inclusions. Quick and easy and reliable, and their newsletter isn’t half bad.

I need hits also provides you with stats, which is a very nice touch.

A warning to beginners though: Do not use any traffic from ineedhits unless you use it for a free lotto page.

Professor answered 1 year ago
Tough call Arkyt
In the past paid inclusion DID produce good traffic and was worth the investment. I have found the actual traffic numbers now are so small with some of the engines that its tough to justify. IE you pay only $25 -$40 dollars a year but you only get 40 or 50 hits. Is it worth it? Hard to tell. If you get a player, yes if you don’t then no its not.

Bottom line is the costs are so low I just go ahead and do it, but if I were on a strict budget I would not consider this a mandatory thing to do.

arkyt answered 1 year ago
Yah thats what I thought – it was relatively cheap and had the potential to produce a player and pay for itself. So I went ahead and submitted – heh! I chose inktomi it was a bit more than teoma, but seemed to have better engines.

Mostly Im interested in seeing if it will improve rankings on google. I understand that a yahoo listing will, but thats $300 a year and I hear the traffic from their directory isnt that good, so youd pretty much just be paying for a bit of a pr boost.

antoine answered 1 year ago
If you submit to Yahoo it can also turn around and bite you. Because of my submission several years ago the website is stuck in yahoo with the following title and descripotion that the geniuses at the directory gave me:
ranks online casinos.

While yahoo may use google search results it uses your directory description in the search results. Because of this awful description and title I get far less traffic than i should.

And no one ever used the yahoo directory itself. I will never give those idiots another dime.


arkyt answered 1 year ago
wow – thats crazy! Did you ever request to have it changed?

I noticed a few sites that are clearly keyword stuffed! I dont know how they let some get away with it while seemingly screwing others. Your all paying the same fee – it should be fair for each and every submitter!

I imagine its dependent upon who actually reviews the site, but they should have guidelines which they have to adhere to.

antoine answered 1 year ago
I agree they should have guidelines. They also rejected my uk site claiming i all ready had a gambling site in the us directory (even that logic evades me) when i responded pointing out that they were for different countries he told me no can do, and my 300 pounds or however much it was dissapeared.

They are scum.

I know some people dont like looksmart, but they have always been willing to be helpful, and are capable of writing complete sentences.


Dominique answered 1 year ago

and are capable of writing complete sentences

Lol – that is indeed laudible these days! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Captain answered 1 year ago
Hey Everyone,
I will not not purchase a directory listing in Yahoo for future sites. In my opinion it is a waste of money better spent else where. I have even cancel my anuall renewals for newer sites that I had listed. The good thing Yahoo did not drop them from the directory. Hope that helps some here. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

The Professor is right on about paided inclusion. Eventually sites are spidered/added anyways. As far as giving you better positioning, no it does not help in my opinion.