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hijacked search function

Dominique asked 1 year ago

This is driving me nuts!

I have tried all kinds of scum ware removers on it.

Aluria says it removed it – but alas – it is still there.

Meta7search has taken over the automatic search that takes place when you type an invalid URL in the address box.

It is about the *&)^%$^%(^% search function there is. It just really annoys me. How do I get rid of it?

2 Answers
Professor answered 1 year ago
PM Universal4 maybe he has some ideas as he is tech specialist. Sounds like a Trojan or some new Scumware app.

universal4 answered 1 year ago
Open Internet Explorer (With only ONE Internet Explorer open)
Go to tools
Internet Options

Click Reset Web Settings

Immediately close Internet Explorer

Using Windows Explorer, browse to WindowsDownloaded Program Files…

Right click on each file in the folder and look at the properties of each one. If any of them are from 7search…delete it.
Reboot the machine.

If non of this works, let me know by a pm and we can meet online and I’ll help you look it, we can use either msn messenger or yahoo to talk. If your more comfortable on the phone, I can supply you with my office number and we’ll figure out a time convenient for both of us.