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on rollover

blackhawk asked 2 years ago
javascript onrollover:

(a) does nothing but take up bandwidth
(b) harms you in SEO
(c) helps you in SEO

thanks for you opinions!


6 Answers
Professor answered 2 years ago
on rollover for text? for links? for graphic change?

blackhawk answered 2 years ago

For text links, in the status bar, where you see a descriptor instead of the [url]http://[/url] url …. down at the bottom.

My bad :3eyes:

Professor answered 2 years ago
I see this all the time and am guessing people do it to mask affiliate ids.

Does it have merit? I dont know….

Does it hurt SEO, probably not

Does it help SEO, probably not

I guess if you want to mask affiliate links it serves its purpose, if not why bother?

Sorry its not much help, but I dont do rollovers on links and havent really seen the benefits…

blackhawk answered 2 years ago
I agree with you. I am putting them on one of my clean sites. I was doing it simply to make it completely sealed. I guess I’m just being a perfectionist <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Thanks for infos!

Spearmaster answered 2 years ago
The less Javascript, the better… in fact the less code, the better.

I don’t think it would hurt anything though, unless your Javascript was non-standard, or loading images from a different site (result: your whole site appears to hang if the other site is down or unavailable).

Classics answered 2 years ago
Cluttering your code with uneccessary trash will always hurt you for seo. This is one obvious example.

When I see this I see a domain hiding or ashamed of something. I personally would not have anything to do with such a domain.