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do incoming links to front page help pages inside the site?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)do incoming links to front page help pages inside the site?
asked 2 years ago
lets say your site is called casino.iwish , and you link your index page to an inner page targeting and called “blackjack”

would incoming links to casino.iwish/index.htm from say… – give the inner page “blackjack” the same boost it would give to casino.iwish/index.htm

if not: would it be of any major help to the inner page? Or should one try to get links going directly to the page your trying to target at the time/ in this case; to the blackjack page?

I realize that’s a no-brainer, since it seems obvious that links going directly to the page targeted “blackjack” would carry more weight than those going to the front page; but to what degree is there a difference?

thanks in advance for your best-guestimate reply.

1 Answers
Classics answered 2 years ago
If you get a blackjack-themed link to your main page, and then link to your blackjack page from your main page, you are just less efficiently accomplishing the same thing as if the link went directly. Assuming your main page has a lot of links similar to the blackjack one (like themed on slots or poker), then it will be looked at somewhat as an authority on these various games, so its “vote” for your own blackjack page will be considered a knowledgable vote. However it won’t be as focused. It’s vote will be viewed as more generic-gambling rather than laser-beam blackjack related, if that makes sense.

It’s not worth losing sleep over, but if you can get themed links directly to your page on the theme rather than your main page, that would be better in 95%+ of the cases.