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November Mid Month Poll – How’s Business

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysNovember Mid Month Poll – How’s Business
Professor asked 1 year ago
Ok Guys we are at the midway point, hows business this month?
11 Answers
pdjoe answered 1 year ago
How many different ways can I spell BAD…….lol. I hope it picks up in the second half. :flush:

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Microgaming conversions are lousy. Playtech not much better. Where are the new depositors?

cyclone answered 1 year ago
Slow signups but excellent revenue, 60% up on this time last month…

ogmanual answered 1 year ago
hope in the left half things will come better…

only made 25% of last moth

webber286 answered 1 year ago
The is the first strong start to a month we have experienced, usually have a slow start and picks up at the end of the month. Mostly coming from poker.

sharpgambler answered 1 year ago
We are at the best month but are not a good example because we are still growing.

Gambling Wages is doing a great work converting no deposit players into depositing ones. Brightshare casinos have very good players, as always.

stillshadow answered 1 year ago
I was getting some great Pacific and Noble conversions earlier this month but they’ve really dropped off over the past week. hno:

suntou answered 1 year ago
microgaming not good this month.

Professor answered 1 year ago
suntou this is the November poll. We havent started Decembers mid month yet, check back around the 15th.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
At the rate I am going with winners, I will be asking for handouts along with the Salvation Army this year.

All my well producing accounts have big winners. Probably take me all month to crawl out of the hole. :wow: