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NEW Google Look …

arkyt asked 2 years ago
Google is now presenting its new look to my area ….

Google “WEB” …

And if you didnt think they were “targeting” ads since the Nov03 filters – you have to be on something LOL

The layout really emphasizes the ads now – they consume maybe 45% of the screen width (including the empty space) which I consider is an attempt to get users to click the ads. There is a large “colored” table at the top also placing emphasis on the sponsored links.

The SERPS now utilize about 98% of the total screen width – not very inviting, but maybe its still the shock of seeing something different.

Font sizes and types seem to have changed as well. They also now seem to be tracking ALL links out of the engine. They may have been doing this for awhile, but the new look assisted in bringing it to my attention.

The serps of course are still a bit whacked, but are slowly reverting to what they were a year ago … As many of us have learned, its no longer an option to concentrate on other engines – its a necessity!

1 Answers
Classics answered 2 years ago
I’ve seen two looks Google is testing (or has tested at least). They may change, but I don’t think it is imminent… unles of course what arkyt seen is a final draft or something.

Related, MSN seems to have greatly accelerated its search engine rollout, which should occur in July. Reuters article:

The look will likely be like this, though the results there now are just the Yahoo stuff: