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Need your advise: Name for portal

Webmaster7 asked 1 year ago
Hi everyone!

Can you please give me your advice? I’m building a new portal, with all kind of games, and I can’t decide between 2 names. Can you please give me an hand?

What do you prefer? Gambling7 or OnlineGames7 ?

Gambling is smaller, but it isn’t necessarily better to memorize.
Thank you for your help!

10 Answers
ewhitaker answered 1 year ago
My first impression was Gambling7. It just seems to sit better with me and would seem easier to remember than the other one.

cashmirrors answered 1 year ago
Gambling7.. OnlineGames sounds like a site about World of Warcraft..

Doolally answered 1 year ago
If you are going to be listing only gambling type games then go for Gambling7.

However, if as your post suggests, you want all types of games, then go for OnlineGames7

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
Thank you for your help!
First I did registered Gambling7. But then I thought… hum… the ing part may be easily forgotten… Then I remembered that casino, poker, bingo and sports betting are really just online games, and I thought that could also be a good domain, even if it’s a bit longer…
The domain is just for our industry, and not other kind of games. When I said all kinds of games, I should have said all kinds of “betting” games :/

The written opinions here prefer Gambling7, but the poll users voted more for OnlineGames7. Wow, I still don’t know which one to choose…

Thank you!!!

Greek39 answered 1 year ago
I like onlinegames7 because of the “games” is a very prized keyword more so than gambling. greek39

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
The 2 names are good from the SEO standpoint, and that was why I chose them.
I checked the overall number of searches for the 3 biggest engines, and this is it:

Gambling has about 1,390,000 searches per month
Online Games have about 3,094,000 searches per month (but some of these aren’t looking for bettings).

I will develop both because of that, but I need to choose which will be the main portal. The other one is going to be just one more site on my list.

But I need to decide about the branding capabilities, to know which one will stick better in people’s memory.
I will try to develop a brand around one of them, and that is why I have to choose one. The vote poll is even now. 50% for each one.

In the last 5 years I developed my own brand, and people usually look for it on search engines, but I made a mistake of heavilly promoting a .net domain, and now I’m loosing visitors for the .com, that I can’t buy (and I would love to…). So I was thinking of creating a new site…

Wow, I never thought that the poll would give results so close for the 2 options…

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
I just noticed that the title has a typo… it should be advice, not advise…
Something goes wrong when you are writing instead of sleeping.g

casinowahine answered 1 year ago
I agree that I haven’t been sleeping much either and that my typing is paying for the delusional state I’m in :crazy:

I voted for OnlineGames7 because even though your focus right now is on “betting” games, you could later expand to include all types of games if you wanted.

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
I usually go to sleep at 4 AM, so you can imagine that some things don’t come right… and english isn’t my mother language.

I already have a site with the non-betting flash games (around 1250 games), so this site is just a betting portal <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Webmaster7 answered 1 year ago
Wow, yesterday before I went to sleep, I checked the poll results and they were still even, but now Gambling7 has doubled its votes. I will develop both, but I’m getting an idea about which one will be the principal <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I really want to thank for all your participation! I will keep returning here to check the results! This is interesting, not just for this case, but also to have an idea about what people prefer: a 2 words domain, or a 1 word, even finishin with “ing”. Thanks a lot!