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Who’s for Live Casino?

tomgalanis asked 2 years ago

I’m currently representing a live casino brand and I’m keen to see how many affiliates are currently promoting it as a product or might consider doing so now or any time in the future.

I’m looking to hear from casino affiliates who are currently promoting or looking to promote live casino products, either as a main focus or in a subsection on more generic casino sites and pick their brains on live casino in general and understand the success they’re seeing or expect to see going forward.

I’m interested to hear any feedback anyone has on successes/failures they have experienced with dealing with either stand alone live casinos, or with online casinos who provide this as an additional product to players.

For me, this area has huge potential as streaming technology progresses. It obviously has its routes in the Far East, but is becoming increasingly popular in Europe now too. Which markets do you currently have success in?

The brand I’m representing is called, which runs off the Vuetec platform, providing players with a visibly clear and an as-close-to-life-as-you-can-currently-get online casino experience, streamed directly from the Fitzwilliam Casino in Dublin. In comparison to other Vuetec licensees, offers a fantastic cashback bonus rather than a deposit bonus, which for me brings play there even closer to a real life casino experience and has proven to create fantastic player values for our existing affiliates.

Please feel free to browse the site and the affiliate program found within. If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch and I’d be keen to work with you on a cracking deal. If you’re not interested in giving it a go, I’d be really keen for your feedback on live casinos, and the product, nonetheless!



3 Answers
shortow answered 2 years ago
thanks tom i’ll have a look at your program. I agree that its an area of potential as it eliminates the whole RNG fairness debate but issues with stream quality and connection speeds might keep it on ice for a while yet.

tomgalanis answered 2 years ago
Cheers shortow – please let me know your thoughts over email – tom [at]

primoweb answered 2 years ago
Hi Tom

I am very interested in the program. Please email me paul [at] with more details