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Need Help!

Buddy asked 2 years ago
Hi all

I’m hoping that I can draw on some SEO experience of some of you, with particular reference to WordPress. I need some help and advice.

I’m in the middle of launching a new customised WordPress CMS site. To date my sites have been static HTML sites. By its nature WordPress creates pages dynamically which is great for content creation but not so great for good looking url’s.

I’ve asked the coder I have doing this project to install a WordPress SEO plugin that creates the impression of static html pages to the end user. I’m keen to have this as I feel more comfortable creating inbound links using a static html page.

He is telling me that whilst he has got the plugin to work, it doesn’t completely create the static pages I’m after.

It’s probably easier if I explain this with an example:

A traditional static page created with Dreamweaver would appear on my static site as:


WIth the SEO plugin, this would appear in my WordPress CMS as


So in short I’m missing the .htm at the end. This looks a little odd to me and I’m a little concerned that my linking and SEO will be impacted.

Am I correct, or am I just worrying needlessly?!

Thanks :hattip:

3 Answers
GaryTheScubaGuy answered 2 years ago
You’re worrying needlessly.

The extension, or lack of it, will not affect your SEO in any way.


answered 2 years ago
WordPress has this functionality built in under Settings / Permalinks. Allows you to set them up using Custom Structure. I use:




fintan answered 2 years ago
In wordpress

Go to “Settings” – “permalinks”

Chose the structure you want or build your own, it will then give you the code to update your htaccess file with.

Quick guide here: