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my site isn’t listed at google anymore;

asked 2 years ago
Hi everyone.

is there anyway I can find out why it isn’t listed with google anymore?

I went and searched

and got the results saying

Sorry, no information is available for the URL

If the URL is valid, try visiting that web page by clicking on the following link:

I don’t know enough about SEO to have done anything tricky; but I must have done something to piss them off.

thanks in advance for your replies.

9 Answers
peralis answered 2 years ago
did a search for onlinebettingbuddy and you came up #1

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
Hi and thanks P.

I am using the one at and it doesn’t come up at all.

It didn’t on Yahoo either. I must have really “screwed the pooch” this time but I’m so SEO ignorant that I don’t even know where to begin to look for my error.

And for that matter; it could have been this way for a long time and I’ve since changed things around again.

Whatever the case; I am able to get the hint that that one particular site isn’t viewed favorably at either google(.com) or

all my other sites still come up. Wonder what I did wrong?

again thanks my friend.

mongoose answered 2 years ago
steve, i’ve got you holding on firmly to #393.

google’s been shifting a bit today. i had one site get a smackdown. not near as severe, but things aren’t like they were yesterday.

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

so I just happened to look at the wrong time of the month. I usually never check this kind of stuff; but somehow I got started that direction and I guess I must have just searched at the wrong time.

thanks everyone.

rjb answered 2 years ago
Where do you guys check your page rank? Do you have to check under certain keywords, or is there some other way.


Engineer answered 2 years ago

One way to check your page rank would be to download the Google toolbar, at Once downloaded, the toolbar becomes part of your internet browser. When you type a web address into the small Google address bar, the page rank will be displayed after the page loads. You’ll be able to see a graphical representation of the page rank. Hold your mouse over the “PageRank” area and a popup comment will show you the numeric page rank of the site (e.g. 4/10, 7/10, etc).

If you don’t want to download the Google toolbar, you could use this handy site: Type the web address (or multiple web addresses) into the box, and then click “Get Page Rank.” It shows you the graph and the number value at the same time, for all of the sites you’ve typed into the box.

mongoose answered 2 years ago
as for how well a page ranks, here’s a set of sites:

Breakfastman answered 2 years ago
If you type this:

You’ll see that Google has 209 pages of your site in it’s index. So your site is not ‘out’ of G. It could be that you just looked at the wrong moment when G is shuffling the results around.

sharpgambler answered 2 years ago
…and for Mozilla Firebird there is also a page rank bar.

You have Google Bar:

and Search Status: