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Menu Creation Programs

FictionNet asked 2 years ago
I want to use a program to create drop-down menu navigation systems.

I’ve tried Xara and Xtreeme’s DHTML Menu Studio.

My problem with both of the above programs is that they require an awful lot of code to be placed on every page of the website – the code being that which controls the navigation.

My idea to reduce the amount of code was to place the navigation system within an iframed page which is then called on each page. The problem with this being that the navigation dropdowns cannot move outside of the iframe – meaning that the dropdowns cannot be seen fully when moused over.

Anyone know of a program which allows this?

5 Answers
RCeo answered 2 years ago
Or you could just put your menu code in a php file and include it in your pages.
This would be SEO good and easy to edit:

Pm for further questions.

FictionNet answered 2 years ago
My web design is somewhat basic. PHP, SSI, etc. is something I’ve never worked with. Think I might just do a standard navigation menu and forget the dropdowns <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Bonusgeek answered 2 years ago
Here is a good one if your using dreamweaver. xx

Its a little expensive but it writes excellent code and puts all javascripts and css in an external sheet for you so you don’t have that bloated code your referring to. It’s also very search engine friendly and makes the menus compatible in all browsers.

RCeo answered 2 years ago
@FictionNet 150877 wrote:

Think I might just do a standard navigation menu and forget the dropdowns <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Now this is something you should definetly do! Dropdown menus are not too good, because of the old iexplorers and all the hacks you need to do.

However, you still should do your menu in a php include file. Reason why, is
because then you don’t need to change the code in every page if you wish to change or add something to your menu. I guess this could be done with iframes, but they are no good in my opinion.

The php include file also gives you the advantage for the code to know in what page it is and for example change the background-image to a highlighted one.

Learn php, or hire someone to do it for a nominal fee :wink-wink

theshortstack answered 2 years ago
I don’t like menus – they’re always a bit of a pain to implement!

If you can get away with out the drop downs I would, purely as it will cut down on all the code going into your web pages.

Have a look for some Free CSS menus in Google. The quality’s generally a lot better than I though it would be and it offers a good starting point for you to play and around and tweak the code as you see fit.

Here’s a site I found the other day with some nice designs on: