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hey guys

jorisdekkers asked 3 years ago
i have a page on my pr2 website that is called with page title Poker Software. This page is linked from alle pages on with anchor text Poker Software. It has the word poker software in all h1 headers ,in alt tags and lots of time in the body text. I have exchanged lots of links with this anchor text and also placed lots of articles with backlinks to this page, again with this anchor text.

Now i used to be on page 3/4 on google, but now im completely out. Why has google punished me? I havent done any spamming or anything else…

Maybe you guys can help explain this

3 Answers
AiruaL answered 3 years ago
Sounds like over optimization to me.

Seomaster answered 3 years ago
@AiruaL 151482 wrote:

Sounds like over optimization to me.

Or maybe your competitors worked harder than you mate <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
My suggestion is keep on getting quality one way links and add fresh content to your website.

Fortune Palace answered 3 years ago
Hey Joris,

you should have asked!

Keyword density on that page is:

poker 13.54% (134 mentions)
software 4.44% (44 mentions)

Optimal density is around 7.5% (min 5, max 10) so you need to:

lose at least 60 mentions of ‘poker’ and add about 30 of ‘software’.

If you need any more help, PM me.