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help needed please

casinobonuseslisting asked 3 years ago
my website:
when the website initially started, my website was doing good in terms of website grade. i was checking my website grade at
Website SEO Tool | Website Grader
in its initial stages website grade was increasing and indexed pages were increasing as well and website grade reached to 90. but suddenly it started decreasing and indexed pages started decreasing again. today i just found that number of indexed pages are N/A and website grade has dropped to 73. can anyone please help me and let me know if my site has been banned , sandboxed or penalized for something. i will really appreciate for this help.
2 Answers
Topthat answered 3 years ago
Sorry I can’t really help with your question, but I’ve had a look at your website and it’s looking pretty nice! and from what I’ve been told SEO wise your site seems to be good.

How are you getting on with the Affiliate system? only reason I ask is because I’m just starting out myself

Best wishes


casinobonuseslisting answered 3 years ago
i just checked again my website for indexed pages and i am glad that number of indexed pages are back and website grade is back as well.