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look at this guy

4 Answers
TheGooner answered 2 years ago
Yes it is … and it isn’t.

Certainly I think that GTP is inspired by …

But the layout is signifanctly different and they do appear to have their own content too (although it’s probably a subscribed service.)

I also quite like their line in poker babes – it seems to rotate to a new one each time you refresh.

I don’t see a problem … you can’t really copyright a generic layout.
That would be like saying only Coke can make Cola …

guidetopoker answered 2 years ago
hi there

This post is in the wrong section

i. guidetopoker is not a clone of PL.

ii. g2p has been around since 2003.

iii. we have 2 full time journos creating content for the site so it is not a content scraping site / scraper or black hat site!

In relation to babes rotating Gooner, yes, we like them too <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I’d appreciate if this thread is removed from this section of CAP since we are not a content scraper – pirate – black hat site, and would hate to be associated with anyone who copies other webmasters’ content.



Andre answered 2 years ago
Apart from the two sites using tabs for navigation, there are no similarities in my opinion. In fact, the PL site looks like it got some inspiration from Amazon. The colours and the shading of the tabs are very similar, as well as the blue title bars for the content blocks.

Greek39 answered 2 years ago
I agree the two site have a similiar layout but are different. Such as content ect… greek39