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CMS’s and SEO.

Sisko asked 1 year ago
Hello again. I’m starting to get deeper into the idea that CMS’s are a useful tool for providing consistent themes across an entire website, as well as for ease of adding more content. I did, however, come across some stuff about how CMS’s are bad at SEO because they generate all their pages dynamically, etc. Maybe this is the wrong forum to be asking about this, but does anyone here have any suggestions of where to find more information or about CMS stuff? Thanks.
2 Answers
JBaldwin answered 1 year ago
Follow this link: You may have to register first. (Free)

This link also has some more specifically related to CMS and SEO

The entire ACTUAL thread can be seen here.

Tek-Tips (if youve never been there) is EXTREMELY helpful with ANY tech problem/question you might have. The forum link I provided up above is for any CMS topics. LOTS of useful info and posts in there from some industry professionals. Hope it helps.


Sisko answered 1 year ago
Thanks, I’ll check it all out. Appreciate the response.