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linksmanager question

antoine asked 1 year ago
Does anyone know how many link exchange requests someone can make to sites using links manager.

I keep getting this error:

“You have recently initiated too many link requests. If you feel you have reached this message in error, please contact LinksManager.Com ‘

What I’m looking to know is how many requests I can do per day, and does this limit apply to an ip address or to a specific website. Any info would be appreciated.

3 Answers
Janet answered 1 year ago
try , it is unlimited there.

antoine answered 1 year ago
Janet the problem is not that I use linksmanager I dont, it’s exchanging links with webmasters that do.

Breakfastman answered 1 year ago
Hmm.. not sure if this is the solution, but I think you have to get through a ‘trial period’ before you can access linksmanager fully. I think it’s in the first month that you are limited.

That’s probably to avoid people from siging-up, exchanging links with 50.000 people and never pay anything for the service.