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Is xml content classed as dupicate content?

www asked 1 year ago
Hi everyone.

What is the view on how Google treats content from xml / rss feeds? Surely, this is duplicate content. Why doesn’t Google see this as a bad thing?

6 Answers
RCeo answered 1 year ago
Im not sure, but i would guess it’s because google understands the xml is your news feed. If it’s a feed from somewhere else than your own page, then you get the duplicate content.

It would make no sence to to build a news feed if it would give one a duplicate penalty. Would it?

Rudolf answered 1 year ago
Its is very likley Google will judge this as dup content. But you can also put it in some kind of Ifram and Google has real trouble reading it. SInce this more for stickyness there shoudl be away around this!

You can probably find more info here, it should be a common problem for webmasters

Carlo answered 1 year ago
Syndicating content with proper (intended) use of XML, RSS etc is TOTALLY, 100% fine with search engines. Defining intended use is where a lot of people abuse and “steal” content.

Directly reformatting XML and RSS, etc is kinda shady and most likely illegal – if it’s copyright, or the author has some license against the usage. If this content exists elsewhere and has been noted by the SE’d then yes, you WILL get penalized.

If you distribute the content by parsing the content with scripts that have a clearly defined source in the HTML then the spiders will read through it, see the external link and won’t tag that content as duplicate.

itay answered 1 year ago
Don’t think it is a problem but I am not sure how much good it does to your site…if you are asking me, bring the news and then ament it…just a bit, simple short changes could make the difference…


RCeo answered 1 year ago
People don’t really get it when it comes to their own feeds. People say things like: “i don’t see any use of xml feed”.

Don’t take any advice from these guys.

How would you like if at the very same second when you are posting a new article on your site, it would be added to your feed and all the social services would be pinged to robot your new content? You should love it.

How would you like if in a matter of minutes after you posted that new article,
google would index it? You would love it, huh?

Get your xml together. This is 2007, you are already late.

Rudolf answered 1 year ago
I Agree with Carlo(he has more Google experience about this then I have). As an example, I have my own private swedish blogg about entrepenoruship and I see an instance surge in trafic when posting new content to the blog. Many of my visitors are using some kind of RSS-reader and subsribes to my blogg.

Now this content is my own but a lot of internet uses want help in categorising information and content and then pushed to them. Build services that supports this and you will have visitors to your website contiously.

Good content that are user friendly will drive traffic!

Also write good and intressting subject lines. An intressting headlines get a lot of attention!