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Dropped to PR0

mikepcbeach asked 3 years ago
I just noticed my site has dropped from a pr3 to zero in ALL datacenters. Not exactly sure when this happened, as I have been in the process of moving and haven’t checked the site in a little over a week. Hasn’t seemed to effect my serps much, but this still has me worried— I know Google is doing an update but would I be zero in all datacenters if it was going to come back up?
The only thing I have done that would even be considered grey hat is some clunkily worded sentences to pick up longtail keywords. I’ve been online alomst a year and have worked hard on link building with relevant sites…. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any idea why this would happen to a white hat site? Any input would be appreciated.

Cheers :shots:

9 Answers
itay answered 3 years ago
main question is, do you still get same traffic?


mikepcbeach answered 3 years ago
Thanks–if anything I have seen a slight increase in traffic from google. I use IBP to check my rankings for key phrases and I’ve gotten a small bump there as well.
I’m sure it’s just the update…I tend to panic prematurely sometimes. :crazy:

rob3786 answered 3 years ago
So would I in that situation, when you put in all the work that is the last thing you want to see happen.

bumeral answered 3 years ago
New google formula and new politics – buying links is forbidden.And I had problem in the past.Now I don’t buy links.

The Pokerkeep answered 3 years ago
I went from PR2 to PR0 with the last update. I attribute the drop to the fact I changed virtually all the content on my home page.
My traffic is rising steadily though so I’m not concerned although I do find it all a little frustrating when I see that PR go down the :flush:

owldeath2 answered 3 years ago
I was going to buy some more links, how can google enforce that? Are all linking strategies dead now then? Don’t tell me we have to swamp our sites with content now and go all web 2.0.

ioc answered 3 years ago
what is web 2.0?

Inspiration answered 3 years ago
I have seen so many bumpy rides for PR, it is just a laugh.

Went from PR3 to PR1 to PR2 to PR0 and back to PR3 again LOL.

Good content and natural linkbuilding is far more important.

A PR5 site with just a few high PR backlinks is not that great if you got 1000’s from PR1-PR3 sites.

If traffic is steady for your keywords than I guess you are Ok.

Besides that having returning customers is very important.


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Fortune Palace answered 3 years ago
@ioc 158798 wrote:

what is web 2.0?

Have a look at this: