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Please welcome our new SEO and Social Media Discussion Leaders!

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)Please welcome our new SEO and Social Media Discussion Leaders!
AdminCAP asked 1 year ago
We are pleased to announce and welcome our new SEO forum discussion and thought leaders from Scott Polk, Dave Snyder, Loren Baker, and Jordan Kasteler will be taking part in the discussions here at CAP and also at PAP, and will be able to help out with your SEO needs that you have as affiliates!

From their website:
Search & Social is a full service Internet marketing company that strives to bring clients results. We have experience in all aspects of internet marketing including: search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization, link building, cost per click campaigns, link bait, Podcasting and blogs, local search, mobile search, international search and much more. Our experience and success is unparalleled.

Discussion Leader Bio’s:
Scott Polk:
Scott Polk has built his expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced Search Engine Optimization/Internet Marketing strategist for more than 11 years.

He concentrates his resourcefulness and skills on the diversified aspects of Search Engine Optimization for clients, where he’s earned the distinction of consistent top rankings in all major search engines. Scott is consistently involved in technologies that maximize Conversion, Usability and Accessibility when optimizing & developing large web sites as well as identifying problems/solutions that result in major cost saving strategies.

Highly successful and respected within the SEO industry, Scott Polk has consulted and been employed by successful internet companies such as: Bruce Clay,, AT&T Wireless, ABC News, &, Sports Illustrated,, Direct Brands, and numerous others.

Dave Snyder:
Dave Snyder is the Co-Founder of the search and social media marketing firm, Search & Social. He shares his opinions as well as tips on search and social media at various industry blogs including and Dave parlayed his gifts as a teacher and published writer into his current career as an Internet Marketer. He is also the founder of, the first UGC video site for Internet Marketers.

Dave’s strengths lie in both organic and paid search marketing, as well as utilizing social media for brand building and online reputation management.

Loren Baker:
Loren Baker has been actively involved in SEO and online marketing for over a decade, is the founder and Editor of Search Engine Journal, and has been recognized by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AdAge and NPR as a top industry expert on search marketing.

Mr. Baker has worked as a search engine optimization consultant for various clients including two national US banks, various technology and search engine start-ups, Sequoia Capital funded finance companies, major US media and consumer magazines and the largest home improvement companies in the US.

Mr. Baker’s SEO background is quite diverse, working with everything from schools & non-profits to large financial firms. His expertise lies in on-site SEO, copywriting, link building, social media and of course, establishing targeted traffic and enhanced search rankings.

Jordan Kasteler:
Jordan Kasteler a.k.a. Utah SEO Pro has been avidly involved in organic SEO since 2001. He is also a fore-runner in embracing social media. He has worked in-house at, for an SEO agency, but now is the co-founder of Search & Social. He is also actively involved in the community and co-hosts mini Internet marketing events with Loren Baker and Dave Snyder and provides a community for Internet marketers to share video at

Welcome aboard, Search and Social – Scott, Dave, Loren, and Jordan!

10 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
Welcome to CAP! :hattip:

I am delighted to see you here, so many questions all the time.

Bullajami answered 1 year ago
Looking forward to your expertise.

Yvette answered 1 year ago
Welcome! Welcome! Good to have you here!:cappy:

bonustreak answered 1 year ago
Welcome to CAP and I am sure you will have many questions from me in the future…lol :wink-wink

scottpolk answered 1 year ago
Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. We definitely look forward to being a positive part of this community.

scott polk

Nobluff answered 1 year ago
OK, so lets get started already. Learn me and learn me good!

I want a reliable technique in finding converting keywords!

scottpolk answered 1 year ago
@Nobluff 207226 wrote:

OK, so lets get started already. Learn me and learn me good!

I want a reliable technique in finding converting keywords!

testing <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

The OPC answered 1 year ago
scottpolk;207228 wrote:
testing <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Were you doing a mic check or was that your answer…?

scottpolk answered 1 year ago
LOL .. short answer

Nobluff answered 1 year ago
Actually a good answer except if you find crap all the time, as testing crap always has the same results.