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I’m now listed in Google!

Randy asked 1 year ago
Hip hip hooray! They’ve finally indexed my site.

Of course, for my target term “high roller casino bonuses”, I’m about #400.

Anyone have any tips on Google that I might not already know about? I know I need inbound links…

If you do a search for “crazy vegas high roller casino bonuses” I come up very high indeed. I somehow doubt that phrase gets a lot of searches though…

Would appreciate any help I could get!

4 Answers
Simoneaton answered 1 year ago
Your site looks clean and good and the only addition I would suggest is list all the titles on the left hand side at the bottom as text links.

Randy answered 1 year ago
Great suggestion, Simon–but I’m pretty sure they’re all there at the bottom already. Right above the copyright notice.

Do you mean adding them again as text links?

Simoneaton answered 1 year ago
Yep – adding as text links.

Randy answered 1 year ago
Will do–thanks for the tip!