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Planet Ocean Opinion

Andre asked 1 year ago
I’m contemplating forking out the $97 for the Planet Ocean subscription, but would like to find out first if any one here has used them and what your opinion is.

My seo knowledge is limited and with the state of gambling advertising at the moment I guess mastering seo is a necessity.

Planet Ocean is at x

2 Answers
Randy answered 1 year ago
Planet Ocean’s eBook is called The Unfair Advantage Guide to Winning the Search Engine Wars, or something very similar. It’s excellent. I happily pay my $97 every year.

Another one well worth considering is Aaron Wall’s SEObook. Aaron’s book is topnotch and fairly literary, and a completely different “experience” than the Unfair Advantage. I was glad I spent money on both of them.

Andre answered 1 year ago
Thanks for the feedback Randy. I just took the plunge at Ocean Planet and will let everyone know what I think.