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Lucky Omen

Dominique asked 1 year ago
From my mailbox:

PPA Gaming Search Engine Casinos, Poker Rooms, Sportsbooks ….. may “Lady Luck smile upon You!” is a unique dedicated gaming “pay-per-action” search engine which will receive real gambling traffic from our in-house owned Network of 2000+ quality keyword gambling domains.
Lucky Omen offers a exciting variety of unique options to provide your web site with the quality gambling traffic it requires to be successful in the competitive online gaming market place.
Exciting features include;
ppa ranking Text based advertising – promote your links through our search engine by bidding on keywords
ppa ranking banner advertising – bidding on creatives that appear throughout our search engine results
live html text feeds – ppa ranking Classifieds Text based advertising – directly into top positions in thousands of dedicated gambling web pages
live banner feeds – ppa ranking banner advertising – directly into top positions in thousands of dedicated gambling web pages
ppa ranking Entry Traffic advertising – 250×250 pop-up creative will be launched every time is a visitor arrives at the home page of over 2000 gambling web sites
ppa ranking Exit Traffic advertising – a exit window will be launched direct to your nominated URL
Lady Luck browser Search Bar – allows advertising offers to be sent directly to surfers logged onto the Internet, plus keyword searches provided by directly from their IE5+ browser
Lucky Omen Search Box – live html keyword search box incorporated into thousands of dedicated gambling web pages
Zero fraud clicks – proprietary fraud prevention software, plus the serious problem of ppc affiliates defrauding “pay-per-action” advertises has been eliminated as we have zero affiliates providing traffic to the Lucky Omen search engine results. is undergoing final set up & testing and will be 100% operational within a few weeks.

The casino affiliate portal will continue to operate (abiet in a slightly different format).
You will still be able to Login, and Groovy Point balances will updated to a final balance as at midnight 28th February 2005 (during the latter part of March 05). All the total point balances with their point-for-$ value, plus a 15% extra bonus, will then be transferred into your own new account at the exciting new PPA Gaming search engine (your new personal Login & Pw to your account will be sent to you by e-mail at this time)

In closing, I can thoughrally recommend the dedicated team at BrightShare & Spirals
for its 100% honesty & integrity in all matters related to the casino affiliate business, player retention & promptness of affiliate payments.
Webmasters can confidently increase their exposure of the BrightShare casinos, they will continue achieve ongoing rising commissions.
Congratulations again for the past excellent results & wishing everyone.
Good Luck! in 2005 and beyond.

Cheers for now
Adrian & Debbie” class=”bbcode_email”>