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Great Tips to Increase Email Conversions

JillO asked 2 years ago
Email marketing is a huge promotion channel for affiliates. But it is a craft that needs constant attention and maintenance as it’s always evolving.

Even if you’re an email pro or brand new to using email marketing as a means to generate more traffic, we recently launched an article that outlines 6 super easy tips that are proven to help increase your conversions: Increase Conversions through Effective Email Marketing

Something that I know that new emails do not spend enough time on is their subject lines. Subject lines are huge. Literally it can take hours to come-up with the perfect subject line for your audience. And remember, your subject lines are directly associated with your open rate. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to creating your subject lines. Remember, it’s 50-characters that need to grab your audience.

Another great tip that’s outlined that people don’t think about enough is that you don’t ALWAYS have to self-promote your stuff. When you’re mailing your audience, don’t be afraid to promote outside resources. This is a great way to build trust and authority with your database. Also, sharing first hand experiences using outside products and sharing this information with your community is golden.

If anyone is willing to share additional great tips that they’ve used to increase their conversions via email, all advice is totally welcome!

1 Answers
CAP_Allan answered 2 years ago
Great post and article about email marketing. Sometimes you just have to get back to basics. Nice Refresher. Subject Lines, you will live and die by them, no matter who or what you are promoting.