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Tips to Maximize Email Delivery

JillO asked 1 year ago
For all of our community members that are emailing their player databases… it’s vital to keep up on Best Practices for Email.

In a nutshell… here;s the 3 main factors you must focus on to make sure you’re maximizing email deliver:

1) Make sure you’re doing everything possible to avoid the Spam Folder.

2) Host Your Newsletter Online

3) Ask Subscribers to Add Your Email Address to their Contact List

4) Connect with your ESP to ensure you’re not blacklisted.

From some more details of the tricks of the trade, check this out:

How to Maximize Your Email Delivery

For those of you actively emailing… what are some the biggest delivery challeneges you’ve been facing?

1 Answers
Rak answered 1 year ago
Totally love it Jill.

I think even before webmasters consider creating mailing lists, they should realise how much money can be made from it.

Its a great way to directly market to customers who have opt’ed into your list. By a customer opting into your list, it means they want what you have to offer. You need to take advantage of this, and make sure when it comes to mail – you can
1. send it,
2. so they receive it,
3. read it,
4. click it,
5. and convert.
6. Stats!

That’s 5 important things which need to be followed from start to end.

Send it – you need a platform or service which is going to mail for you. Sending via outlook, your webhost, or gmail isnt good enough. You will most likely be limited to sending 500 emails an hour. A list of 10K users is going to take 200 hours! There are great services out there who will mail for you, and they will even intergrate straight into your website, and handle all the technical stuff – so all you need to do is upload your mailer.. and press the send button.

Receive it – It has to get into the inbox. If its in the spam box, its not going to be opened. Make sure customers add your email address to the whitelist of their email client. Some of the companies who will mail for you, offer as part of their service, a scoring system on whether your email will make it to the inbox or not, and even recommend which words and phrases are stopping your emails in reaching the inbox. But for me, not method beats having a test list. I have email addresses or yahoo, hotmail, gmail, and a couple of private email addresses on different hosts. Before I mail – I check to make sure my mail made the inbox across my test list.

Read it – It sounds obvious – the email has to be readable. You’d be surprised by how many companies fail at this point. Your email has your message, your sales pitch – I like to say, make sure it is branded correctly, simple and to the point, and your sales text is easily seen. There’s nothing worse getting an email, opening it to find it looks bad, and / or you don’t know what the message is about.

A past colleague of mine recently posted on his blog –

Weirdest spam ever… A company warning me not to use their services, because they’re dodgy. I’m not sure if I’ve missed something.

Yet the mail made his inbox, delivery of the message was poor.

4. Click it – Call to action! That’s what we are all about, telling customers what to do, “click here”, “join here”, “take bonus now!” Make sure your email is clickable, and that you can track how many people clicked from your email offer to your website / landing page

5. Convert – the sales text you have in your email, should match up in looks and message to the landing page / website. Having familiarity from sales text to website is going to help you convert those users over.

6. Stats – make sure you know how many emails were sent, bounced back, unsubscribed, opened, clicked on, sales made. Why stats? You’ll have a better idea on what offers, subject lines perform better for compared to past email campaigns.