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Google – why I cant list

Diceman asked 1 year ago

This is an on going deal for me and I wanted to post here one more time before I hit the SEO forums and so forth.

I was listed in google at one time and was pretty well listed I might add. Over the past I would say 3 years however I have not been listed. I have tried so many things in that time and asked lots of questions but noone seems to really know. I type my site out at google and yes Its listed there but its not listed on any search terms that I can see. I used to advertise with them so I was thinking even that could be an issue as well but that seems like a far fetch to me.

Everytime I try to contact someone from there they send me a form letter and tell me to goto FAQ and so on. I really do think its an issue on their side somehow and its never been fixed. Thats why I hope one of you can give me some kind of info that can help me with this. It has me wanting to pull my hair out!! Wait I shave! hahaha

10 Answers
slotplayer answered 1 year ago
Hi Diceman,

title tag: Free Gambling Online

Anyone search for that phrase? Maybe? Free Online Casino Gambling, these guys would know better than me about that.

I’m not an expert programmer but don’t you need a DOCTYPE?

and this meta is missing. I bet that’s the problem.

Maybe validate the html to see there are any open tags, etc…

affiliate id links/code don’t validate very well so I usually ignore them.

Plus you have the style sheet link in both the body and the head in the free-online-casinos and add-link sites.

this backwords in sim-slots. Not sure if it matters.

I’d dump the googlebot meta.

What is this onLoad for? Left over code? Been there.

onLoad=”” onmouseover=”window.status=’Win Big Now!’;return true;“>
remove the last semi after return true


Diceman answered 1 year ago
Wow thank you. Also great site that you sent me!

37 errors! WOW!

How did I ever do that? When and how could it have happened? :huh:

Well no matter…. you came through big time for this guy and not at a better time! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

fonzi answered 1 year ago
Also, take a look at your site using firefox, there are some errors.

you also have 17 keywords, cut that down to 10 and make sure that those keywords also appear somewhere on the page.

you also have alot of empty alt tags and images missing width and height attributes.

get everything cleaned up and you wont just move up on google, yahoo and msn will give you some love as well.

hope this helps.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
thanks guys for the info.

…. now I’m afraid to go look. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

but at least when I can face the truth …. I know where to start lol.



Stupid answered 1 year ago
Yeah, but NO!

Forget about all that – I just check our website for shits and giggles – 98 errors.

I will tell you what your problem is – TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

Why do you need so many link partners and pages?!?!?! WHY?….WHY?

With this domain name you need less than 10 good links to rank in the top 10 for “free online casinos”…

Here is what you do:

– Delete the entire website.
– Start from scratch.
– You need only 5-10 pages (you are offering free online casinos listings, not Encarta).
– Get 5 home page link exchanges.
– Go do some carpet jobs
– After the next update, when they call you to fix that half-ass seaming job – throw the kicker at them and tell them to piss off :la-de-da:

Also, a $20-$30 investment in a website template from a reputable seller would pay off by avoiding basic HTML mistakes.

And there are a few other small things you can do – feel free to PM me when you have finished with the list above :Nod:

Oh, yeah, and once your website gets the #1 for “free online casinos” – a home page link to our website would be greatly appreciated :hattip:

slotplayer answered 1 year ago
bb1webs wrote:
thanks guys for the info.

…. now I’m afraid to go look. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

but at least when I can face the truth …. I know where to start lol.



Yes, just use the validator to find open html tags or missing tags, most browsers are pretty forgiving anyway.

The affiliate links generate tons of errors so just ignore them. Even a missing or extra tag like a


for instance will generate a bunch. Soon as it’s corrected many of the errors disappear. It will report any text missing in the alt tags however and any other basic syntax errors.

He does have a ton of pages crawled in Google and Yahoo, just need to clean the code up a little and optimize better.

FictionNet answered 1 year ago
Don’t bother with HTML validation. Google’s own site fails. It’s might be ‘nice’ to have zero errors but it doesn’t mean sh*t as far as ranking goes.

elgoog answered 1 year ago
just tonight i found out my best ranking page had this:


instead of


(but i must add someother pages dont rank despite everything i try)
(and somehow i agree with stupid)

Goldfinger answered 1 year ago
good one Elgoog, that´s quite an error to have :wink-wink

villa10 answered 1 year ago
At least in my search, with the exception of 6 pages, the whole site is in the supplementary index.