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Google PR and BL update underway

fonzi asked 3 years ago
I just noticed that google is updating PR and BL

So far so good for me

18 Answers
Inspiration answered 3 years ago
:Cry: traffic down 70-80% ….. I sure hope so !

Several sites plunged in PR rating. PR5 to PR3 etc.

Must be really frustrating.

But what can one do……..


cowboy answered 3 years ago
Just saw traffic (to one site) evaporate in last 24 hrs. Hope it comes back.

Chipeez answered 3 years ago
Yes, biggest change is the number of backlinks increased a lot.. PR went from 2 -> 3 And an big increase in traffic..

casinobonusguy answered 3 years ago
mine all stayed same except got pr5

Fortune Palace answered 3 years ago
Fortunately no change in PR here.

Not showing any more backlinks either, but traffic has been up by 50% all week.

Something’s definitely going on..

Inspiration answered 3 years ago
Many sites dropped in PR. Mine did too : from a PR3+ to a PR3 also the INNER pages did!

traffic down 60% but this happened last time too.

Just wait and see what happens the next update.

What is your experience ?!


cowboy answered 3 years ago
Wow, everybody has TONS more Google backlinks today!!

andrewxr answered 3 years ago