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Google does not penalize duplicate content

ixian asked 2 years ago
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4 Answers
websolvent answered 2 years ago
Google does not penalize duplicate content that right !
but duplicate content always push down your site at sandbox, And Search Engine Position Also not Increase.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
It’s interesting that Google had to come out and say it plainly. I never thought there was a penalty for duplicate content to begin with, the only issue with it is that the page with the duplicate content may not be in the search results since Google doesn’t want the results showing 1,000 pages with the exact same content on it. So all they do is decide which page(s) are the strongest and show them.

Duplicate content won’t hurt your website, but it also won’t help it much either.

rakebacknow answered 2 years ago
there is a risk if someone steals your content early and put better links to it, than Google may think that they are the original or reference content, and then your content is a good as pigeon’s white stuff. And be careful to not have 2 pages that are too similar as they will compete with each other.

scottpolk answered 2 years ago
There is always risk with duplicate content … on your site or externally. Why hinder yourself or compete with yourself for ranking on pages/sites that you do not control the point of conversion