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Free Traffic getting SEO plugin for wordpress

pearlgaming asked 2 years ago
Jeff Johnson just re-released his free Traffic getting SEO plugin you can check it out here
5 Answers
rakebacknow answered 2 years ago
Anyone has experience with this one or similar techniques to attract traffic?

miguelcruz answered 2 years ago
Im also interested in knowing if anyone ever tried this one before testing myself… the site looks really like they and to get our email for something else and that probably after registering they will try to sell us something…

alexross answered 2 years ago
what’s the deal? I refuse to opt-in to try it.

websolvent answered 2 years ago
how we can use this plug in at our blogsm and any one use already , can let me know what’s result after do that !

ixian answered 2 years ago
This plugin is for newbies to wordpress. It just helps you install seo plugins and a variety of others and to make sure you are using the correct permalink setting.

It’s certainy not going to increase your traffic into the “thousands” lol

It’s free but you have to offer up an email address. I did manage to unsubscribe from their mailing list after receiving numerous marketing emails. :hattip:

ps: posted for those that are too mean to offer up an email address.